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Building Material Supplier

STW is the number one choice when it comes to quality yet affordable building materials in Malaysia. Here at STW, we are proud to be one of the best building material suppliers who offer the widest range of building materials, ranging from heavy construction materials like brick, cement, roof tiles, aggregate stone, sand to light-side materials like welded wire mesh, construction netting, heavy duty tape, timber plank and more. With an extensive range of buildings materials, STW is the one-stop solution to all professional contractors, home builders, plumbers as well as homeowners who are engaged in home renovation projects. Other than construction materials, we have an extensive range of entrance sets such as padlock, security lock, door knob, hinges and etc. With an aim to offer pleasant user experience, we only source the best quality of door hardware to our customers. We ensure every piece is thoughtfully built to endure the rigors of time and perfectly complement any home décor, leaving you worry-free.

From major construction to remodeling projects, STW is always your preferred building material supplier. All in all, we emphasis on quality assurance and quality control as we only provide high quality building material that promises for long-term durability and remarkable versatility.